The Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball is a not for profit by invitation only event.
Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball

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  • What is an EasyEntry validation sticker?

    • This is a numbered holographic sticker that was mailed to you after completing your purchase. One validation sticker should be affixed to each admission ticket you received with your original invitation (NOTE: Affix each sticker to the left of the barcode label. DO NOT COVER BAR CODE.)  If additional admission ticket(s) were purchased, these tickets should already have validation sticker(s).  This sticker will allow event staff to easily identify an EasyEntry guest, collect their ticket and enter directly into the party.
  • Will EasyEntry guests be able to enter through the regular check-in stations with guests paying for regular admission?
    • If you are bringing guests who do not have an admission ticket (i.e. you didn’t buy them an EasyEntry pass), you will ALL need to go to Will Call together.  (Even if YOU purchased EasyEntry tickets.) 
    • Only EasyEntry guests may enter through the EasyEntry entrance.
    • Guests paying regular admission should go directly to the regular check-in stations in order to pay their admission fee.
  • What happens if I lose my validation stickers, drink, or additional guest tickets?

    • Please treat all of these items as if they are cash as they cannot be replaced.
  • Who do I contact if I didn’t receive my EasyEntry packet?

    • Send an email to in order to obtain the status. You should receive a response within 48 hours.
  • What do I need to bring with me the night of the party?

    • Please remember to bring a Valid ID, all validated EasyEntry admission tickets (one is required per guest) and any drink tickets purchased.
  • Will the discounted drink tickets be available at the party?

    • Discounted drink tickets were only available online from 9/5 – 10/12/22 and are no longer available.
  • Can I purchase guest tickets for friends not currently on the guest list the night of the party?

    • Yes, but you will not be able to enter through the EasyEntry doorway with unpaid guests.  You AND your guests must go to the Will-Call desk in order to pay for the additional admission tickets.  Even if you have purchased EasyEntry tickets in advance.
  • What happens if I purchase admission or drink tickets online and are unable to make it to the party?

    • All EasyEntry transactions are non-transferable and non-refundable.

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