The Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball is a not for profit by invitation only event.
Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball
  • Date
    October 17, 2015
  • Location
    District 3 – Arts & Events
Let loose your demons, your innermost desires,.
Depravity is the elixir that fuels our fires.
Seven Deadly Sins show us our darker side,
So hop in our handbasket and enjoy the ride.
Pick your poison; what’s your forbidden fruit?
Choose the guilty pleasure that provokes your pursuit.
The GREEDY grasps for all things shiny and gold,
Craving riches to eternally have and to hold.
The VAIN finds his primary motivation,
In that persistent presence of self-admiration,
Often provided by the ENVIOUS, whose grand, green eyes,
Linger longingly on possessions they aggrandize.
When an abundance of temptuous excesses exists,
The over-indulgent GLUTTON finds he’s unable to resist.
The SLOTH too often prefers to procrastinate.
(Sometimes the worst things come to those who wait.)
Mayhem and malice may drive you positively mad.
The WRATHFUL know, it feels good to be bad.
As for the sins of the flesh, lest we forget,
The LUSTFUL who must keep their appetites whet.
Whatever vice incites your lascivious needs,
Allow us to arouse those carnal misdeeds.
Set your morals aside and let the fun begin:
It’s the All Hallows’ Ball, and SIN IS IN!
2015 - Seven Deadly Sins

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