The Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball is a not for profit by invitation only event.
Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball
  • Date
    October 29, 2011
  • Catalog
    The Tampa Convention Center
Look up to the heavens and what do you see?
A bird or a kite or the top of a tree?
Now look again higher…as high as you dare,
And that’s where you’ll find us…we’re Up In The Air!
Come soar witht he spaceships and airplanes and jets,
Or float with the butterflies, bluebirds and bats.
Let’s fly like an eagle or glide like a loon.
We’ll zoom with the zepplins and hot air balloons.
You’ll rocket past rainbows and sail to the stars,
Then jet right by Jupiter, Neptune or Mars.
So let’s take flight together, let’s hover and fall,
Let’s aviate to the All Hallows’ Masquerade Ball!
2011 - Up In The Air

2011 Invitation outside - Up in the Air2011 Invitation Inside - Up in the Air