The Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball is a not for profit by invitation only event.
Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball
  • Date
    October 31, 2009
  • Location
    The Tampa Convention Center
2009 - The Candy Shoppe

On Halloween evening come enter our Store,
For Suckers and Whoppers and Kisses galore,
For Lemonheads, Lifesavers, Licorice and Sweets,
For Gobstoppers, Gummi Bears, Gumballs and Treats.

You’ll ogle our Oompas. You’ll nibble our Nuts.
You’ll chew on our Chocolates and Rolos and Runts.
You’ll get the sensation. You won’t stop at one.
You’ll double your pleasure and double your fun.

So munch on our Marshmallows. Sample our Snacks.
Come Butter our Fingers and Cracker our Jacks.
Yeah, come taste the Rainbow, come Blow on our Pops.
Come share something Juicy in our sweet Candy Shoppe!