The Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball is a not for profit by invitation only event.
Tampa All Hallows' Masquerade Ball

Invitations are on the way!

Tick….tock….the time draws near,
To reveal the theme for the event of the year!
Check your mail this week for something fantastic,
‘Cause this year’s All Hallows’ Ball will be Classic!

Check your email for a Video hint

We are getting close to announcing the theme,
But in the meantime, allow me to set the scene:
A new video provides a bit of a tease,
A tip…a tidbit…a taste, if you please.

You’ve probably perused the website, looking around,
For this hint, and realized it cannot be found.
Look for an email from me to see the surprise,
As this hint will be sent only for our guests’ eyes.

Make sure your Contact Info is up-to-date

Well, my friends, it’s that time again,
And I hope you’re ready for the fun to begin.

Save-the-date cards go out soon, so I wanted to remind you,
To make sure your address is correct so that we can find you.

Soon you will be getting an email about the event,
With a copy of the address where your invitation should be sent.

Please take a look and make sure it’s the right one.
If not, update it here so you won’t miss all the fun.

Thank you for another great year

Well this spunky spirit is all tuckered out,
From one amazing All Hallows’ Ball, without doubt.

It was an epic evening, and immense ado,
But the epoch of the event was unequivocally you!

On behalf of your honored hosts, ever faithful,
A huge Thank You to you all. We are truly grateful!

See You Saturday!

I’m so excited! It’s finally here:
The most provocative party of the entire year!

Lights, costumes, music, dancing: a spectacular sight!
See you all at DYSTOPIA this Saturday night!

Photography at the All Hallows’ Masquerade Ball

The All Hallows’ Ball is a feast for the eyes, to be sure,
And professional photogs will be prowling the floor,
Snapping shots of wildest costumes envisioned,
(That is, of course, with your permission.)

You will get a card when your photo is caught,
With instructions to access each of your shots.
After the party, pics will be posted online
For you to order sweet memories of your amazing time.

Since digital cameras and smart phones abound,
Your likeness will likely be acquired all around.
Guests will snap pics of your beautiful faces,
And you may be posted, unknowingly, in virtual spaces.

So if it’s a sense of discretion you desire,
Be sure your costume provides the privacy you require.
For the rest of you show-offs: Smile and say cheese.
Expose, strike a pose for as many photos as you please.

The Dazzling Amy DeMilo Performing

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to present
A preeminent performance for your premier event.

A sultry seductress to sizzle the scene.
Two action-packed acts (with tons of fun tucked between).

Turn your eyes to the stage and get ready to shout,
As the delicious Miss Amy DeMilo turns it out.

What to wear to the All Hallows’ Masquerade Ball

With the All Hallows’ Ball coming soon,
Some guests may question the best costume.
How does one aim to gain notoriety,
In this dystopian society?

Read your invitation to find some clues,
For characters and ideas that you can use.
Go bold and brazen, or be a bit cryptic,
But remember to think Post-Apocalyptic.

Apply the tattoo that came with your invitation,
Or incorporate the symbol into your own creation.
Don’t forget the costume contest,
To assess who’s who of the best dressed.

Judges will keep a close eye on the doors,
Selecting stunners and assigning scores.
So whatever frock you opt to rock,
Be creative and give ‘em all you got!

Invitations have all been mailed

Check your mail, my friend, for you should have received,
Your official invitation for All Hallows’ Eve.

Look carefully: inside you will find a small bonus,
A symbol to signify a weird new world is upon us.

Emblazon your body with this derelict sign,
Or incorporate it into your costume design.

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